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forget [16 Jul 2006|12:33pm]
[ mood | mischievous ]

about this piece!
basically only use it to talk to ashleigh
whatever livejournal is lame
its all about the myspace blog lol
my car got broken into
nothing stolen cept CDs, Carlos Ipod & skateboard
;( poor babe, he was pissed
but its all replacable stuff

im starting a business under my name for my dad, so basically by 21 gunna have my own company and by the end this month getting my pension check from my great grandma. plus i got promoted at express & back to school in august!

things are working out great
so fuck off to all u little jit and haters u aint got shit on me!

plus things with carlos are working out for the better ♥

"Oh I thank they like me betta yet I know
Lights camera action when I walk through the door
Niggaz know my crew we ceritifed stars
Ready in the front bout 35 cars...
If ya got a problem say it to my face
We can knuckle up any time any place

fucking bitches & haterzzzzzzzzzz ate my ass!

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friends only!!! [29 Jan 2005|12:21am]

1. comment & ill add back
2. no haterz!
3. leave me some lovin' on occasion!

<3 n e s s a
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